Holiday Campaign 2019


“I don’t know what I would do without the Club. You just give these kids so many experiences and opportunities that we could never do ourselves. You are such a blessing.”

– Shyla, Club mom


Dear Friends of the Club,


Ever wonder how much your gift matters? Of course, you do. So, please meet Club parent Shyla Barrett, one of your biggest fans.

Shyla is quick to wrap her arms and heart around every child who comes into her life. She and her husband, Alan, have 10 children, ages 4-24, five of them adopted through foster care, two more soon-to-be adopted, eight of them still at home, three of them with complex health issues.

As you can imagine, their days are full. Doctor’s appointments, therapy, care plans, laundry, meal prep and cleaning. Everyone helps. And the older children all know how to change feeding tubes for the youngest two girls, ages 4 and 6. There’s always enough love to go around. But sometimes, there are not enough hours in the day.

That’s where you come in. Most of Shyla’s kids have been Club members. Her four girls in the middle attend regularly, especially in the summer.

As a Club supporter, you provide a safe place for carefree adventures. The chance to attend camp, go swimming, garden, make friends and be heard.

If you are like Shyla, there is no greater gift than to see a child light up with confidence. To see them learning about the “good stuff” in life when they have come from so much heartache.

Tears flow freely when Shyla expresses her gratitude for what you give her children and many other Club kids who are not her own. With every gift, you build resilience. Raquel, Jasmine, Honey and Danayah are becoming champions at overcoming obstacles. You would be pleased by their success.

Thank you for all you do for Club kids. Your Club gift may be the most important gift you make this holiday season. Please give generously.


With gratitude,

Cindy Serratore

Board member since 2009