Challenge gifts

Double your gift when you make a challenge gift

Your challenge gift will help others give more generously

Double your investment and challenge others to give when you make a Challenge Gift. Your challenge gift will be used to jump-start a campaign and raise more money than would otherwise be possible. Challenge gifts will offer donors the opportunity to have their gifts matched dollar-for-dollar. Donors appreciate challenge gifts and so do our Club youth who benefit from the added support.

Two campaign options for your challenge gift:

Great Futures Campaign encourages committed donors to help raise funds that sustain the Club through an entire year of operations. Goal: $50,000 challenge gift

Holiday Campaign highlights a Club success story and invites donors to invest in our Club youth as we celebrate the holidays at the end of the year. Goal: $40,000 challenge gift

All challenge gifts are charitable tax-deductible gifts.

Learn more about your challenge gift options. Or if you prefer, make your own charitable gift. Please contact us to discuss your options and preferences or call Andrea Kent at 218-444-4171, .